Contemporary Photography

When "old" meets new.

arches in black and white picture made of stone


Contemporary Photography

What is a Contemporary Fine Art Gallery? Contemporary Fine Art Photography goes beyond the literal representation of a scene or subject. It deeply expresses the feelings of the photographer and clearly reveals that it was created by an artist and not by just the camera.

The photograph must reproduce what the artist was feeling when they were observing a particular scene. It is not an editorial capture of a moment in time. The photographer may use a variety of methods such as:

  • long exposures
  • wide-angle lenses
  • different depths of field
  • color
  • black and white
  • or other techniques to draw the viewer’s eye to a specific area of the photograph.
stone archway with brilliant pink flowers in foreground.  In Cartagena, Columbia.  #stonearchway #cartegena #columbia
Christmas village decorated for the holiday with lights, snow and simplicity
Children's choir with red robes singing at Christmas time
black and white picture of arched doorway with stunning details.  #belize #olddoor #archway
multi-tiered wine bar with stairs and bottles of wine.  beautiful lighting showing the upward stairs.  #wint #winebar
black and white image of multi archways and looking down the aisle to see all of them.  #belize #archway #b&w
Italian restaurant cook with stunning Christmas decorations surrounding the cook.  Nice red colors and large nutcracker
cobblestone walkway with older shops along the path.  #cobblestoneroad #shopping
old rustic doorway.  old wooden door with peeled painted outdoor walls.  #door #olddoor
old kitchen table with white accessories on the table.  rustic wood table.  beautiful yellow accents.