National Parks

Some of the world's greatest and most famous landscapes can be found within the United States national parks. I have photographed countless sunrise and sunset landscapes with my camera over the years but the feeling of photographing within a national park is unrivaled. Being within the natural environment puts my mind at ease and allows me to create art in a zen-like state.

Zion national park, rocks with a river through the middle at sunset.

Zion National Park

rocks with stony land and a rock pushed on the old lake bed, Death Valley national park
red and yellow sunset sky with saguaro cactus and desert landscape
colored rocks and petrified wood in petrified forest national park
hot spring, grand prismatic hot spring, Yellowstone national park,
hot spring, grand prismatic hot spring, Yellowstone national park,
Acadia National Park bridge over water showing reflection of bridge in the water
rustic farm at sunset with field in the foreground and mountains in the background
lighthouse in the fog on the ocean

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